Stainless Steel

A metal plate sticked to your iPhone 4/4s thanks to a removable adhesive - easy and safe for your iPhone 4/4s. Can also be sticked on most standard plastic covers.

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Dragonfly stainless steel
  • "I bought this sleeve together with the metal plate, the Melting luck one! It's marvellous... " Mitch - England

  • "Bought for wife as gift. The back panel looks great, and is subtle." Stef - Switzerland

  • "I recommend this engraved plate for yourselft or for a gift!" Gregory - England

Lucky engraved metal
plates for iphone

Since the dawn of time the human being has surrounded himself with all kinds of objects believing they would bring good luck. KOSHA travelled the cultures of the planet to find for you the happiness of the world. The SUKHA (Sanskrit term meaning happiness) collection gathers together the results of this research in a series of three meticulously engraved steel plates. In order to follow you throughout your day they are carefully applied on your iPhone thanks to an easy removable adhesive. In addition they provide to your device protection and beauty.

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Lucky engraved metal plates


The SUKHA metal plates are high-quality objects made in Switzerland by craftsmen that work with a particular attention to details.

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The SUKHA engravings are metal plates that are applied on the back of your iPhone thanks to a repositionable adhesive. It is easy to position and safe for your device. May also be applied on most standard plastic covers.

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Removable adhesive


It is said that having a dragonfly land on you will bring you seven years of good luck.

For Amerindians bird FEATHERS provide protection and attract beneficial energies.

The butterfly is honoured as a symbol of transformation and rebirth.

96 x 47 x 0.2mm
Each piece is covered with a transparent protective lacquer.

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Edition Special

Gift box

The SUKHA metal plates and leather sleeve are provided in a gift box manufactured using recycled cardboard and white silkscreen printing.

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Gift box

Genuine Leather

This black genuine leather sleeve will bring the ultimate touch of elegance to your device and engraved plate. Authentic leather. Made in Italy.

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leatehr sleeve
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