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Kosha is on a stopover among American Indians and gets inspired by local culture to create the OIZO collection. Essential allies of the contemporary generation, the OIZO pendants are veritable urban jungle shields.

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Oizo female
  • " It is really well made and the details are beautiful and sophisticated ... " Gernot - Germany

  • " Possibility to combine the different sizes or different colors for a custom look great jewel! Success guaranteed " Richard - England

  • " A very subtle and elegant jewelry That not only Provides protection goal Many Other virtues ... " Sarah - Switzerland

More than jewelry
urban jungle shields

According to Amerindians, bird feathers provide protection and attract beneficial energies. Each feather has very specific properties, the OIZO collection integrates these benefits in three combinations of words delicately engraved at the back of each pendant.
"Vitality - strength - courage"
"Love - joy - spontaneity"
"Serenity - harmony - wisdom"

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urban jungle shields


The OIZO jewelry are made in Switzerland by craftsmen who work with a special attention to detail.

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detail perfection


High quality stainless steel, combining flexibility and durability

Gold layered stainless steel

Colored lacquer on stainless steel

50mm / 65mm / 80mm
Each piece is covered with a protective lacquer.

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Innovative sliding system

The cotton cord and the chain are equipped with an innovative sliding system developed by KOSHA. It allows to set freely the length of the necklace and also to easily open the buckle to change or combine pendants.
Black waxed cotton cord 1mm. Length 1m. Steel tips.
Brass finish steel chain 1.2 mm. Length 1m. Steel tips.

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innovative sliding system

Examples of compositions

The OIZO pendants can be worn alone or combined on a cotton cord, a chain or as earrings.

The feathers allow a great amount of compositions for female and male. Some subtle and refined --other strong and virile. Simply follow your instincts!

As for necklaces, pendents the OIZO Can Be Easily combined on earrings. Simply open the clip and insert KOSHA one or more feathers.

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Gift box

The OIZO jewelry are delivered in an elegant giftbox made of recycled cardboard and white silkscreen printing.

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gift box
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