JOLIGAMI jewelry

The art of origami
The JOLIGAMI collection is inspired by the art of paper folding, of which the Japanese are the masters. Origami requires great dexterity, composure and patience. It’s taken us hours of meditation, many walks through the rice fields and litres of green tea to find the tranquillity needed for the creation of JOLIGAMI, the new jewellery collection by KOSHA.


Laza Letter opener

Message from the heart
LAZA elevates the ordinary - the mail opening - to an exclusive experience. Its shape is inspired by the Swallow, with its long and slender tail. The Swallow is a good omen worldwide, symbolizing freedom, happiness, luck, and purity. The Swallow is also known as "the messenger of good news".


Heritage Bookmark

Inspiration for the soul
The Heritage bookmark will quickly become the reading companion you cannot live without! A gift idea that will delight young and less young, man or woman.


Oizo Jewelry

Jewelry - Urban jungle shields
Compose your jewelry according to your desires. One, two or three feathers to combine as a necklace or as earrings. A refined, elegant and inspiring piece of jewelry for her and for him.


Origin Space

Reading & meditaitve space
The reading and meditative space ORIGIN is more than a piece of furniture. It is a cocoon in which you will discover the real YOU.


Sukha Plates

Lucky metal plates for iphone
The SUKHA engravings will not only sublimate your iPhone but also bring you all the happiness of the world.